Services Provided

Environmental Management Solutions provides a broad range of services to assist our clients in the development, implementation and management of their environmental programs.

Agricultural Services

Agriculture has a new paradigm and that is regulated environmental management. Be it at the federal or state level, agricultural operations need to be conducted in an environmentally conscious manner in compliance with numerous laws and regulations.

Plans, permits, certifications, annual reports, and inspections have become the routine for today's agricultural activities. Overlapping and confusing laws and regulations have many a farmer rubbing his head and wondering “How can I comply?”

What can today's farmer do to ensure they are not a target for agency enforcement actions, citizen lawsuits or just bad public relations?

We can provide the answers needed to solve your agricultural environmental issues.

With over 50 years of experience in environmental issues and agriculture, the team at Environmental Management Solutions can provide that expertise to you.

Our relationships with federal and state agencies are excellent, we can speak “their language” and we know how the “system” operates. Donít be confused and frustrated, let Environmental Management Solutions assist you through the regulatory maze.

Call today and we can discuss your environmental needs and how EMS can assist you. We know you are busy, so we will meet you on your schedule.

Compliance Assistance

Ever changing environmental statutes and regulations sometimes makes compliance difficult. Failure to keep up-to-date can be costly and can risk the daily operations of your business. Environmental Management Solutions can assist you in the understanding and the application of these requirements - All with the aim of reducing and managing your environmental risks and liabilities as our primary goal.

Enforcement Resolution

Local, state or federal enforcement actions resolved by non-confrontational methods. Experienced as a regulator and a private sector environmental manager, Environmental Management Solutions brings that “both sides of the table” understanding and knowledge to bear against your enforcement action.

Regulatory Relations

Positive regulatory relations are critical to an effective environmental management program. A major benefit of positive regulatory relation is the enhancement of the companyís environmental image. Understanding the needs of the regulator, Environmental Management Solutions will assist you in “making the system work for you and not against you”.

Environmental Assessments

Not sure what direction to take in your environmental program? An environmental assessment of your operation will prove useful in the decision making process.

Environmental Audits

Does company policy, insurance coverage or customer contracts require environmental audits? Environmental Management Solutions can provide the needed audit, complete with suggested corrective actions if needed.

Preventive Programs

Need to strengthen your environmental program? Environmental Management Solutions can develop proactive, prevention programs to maintain compliance. Effective preventive programs can assist in the elimination or substitution of environmentally sensitive processes, and reduction in emissions and discharges all reducing costs and limiting risk and liability.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Visible Emission Evaluation (VEE) - Certified Observer


Permit Application

Just don't have the time to spare to complete a permit application? Not sure what the regulatory agency is requesting? Don't have the personnel to accomplish the task of completing a permit application? Environmental Management Solutions can solve the problem by completing the permit application process for you.

Permit Negotiations

Completing the permit application is only part of the process. Effective negotiations ensuring maximum flexibility in permit conditions, schedules and other critical requirements are a necessity. Equally important is achieving the issuance of the permit in the shortest amount of time. Environmental Management Solutions can assist you in those negotiations or conduct them on your behalf.


There are times when you need someone in your corner to speak to various interested parties that have questions regarding your permit application and your operations. Environmental Management Solutions can be your advocate, informing community organizations, government officials and others about your permit application or operations

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness in today's world is present in numerous places. News accounts, school programs, political speeches, and advertising are just a few of them. This heightened environmental awareness is driving companies and their customers and suppliers, governments, agricultural operations and individuals to integrate environmental management into their daily activities. Be it Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Sustainability, Green Community Programs or Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Management Solutions can assist your operation in developing policies and programs to address the needs of environmental awareness. We do not own our environment, we are the caretakers we can only effectively manage it and in some cases attempt to correct past wrongs.

Records Management

Appropriate records and data management is essential to a top notch environmental management program. Today's environmental management programs require more recording keeping than ever before. Managing these records is labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. Be it compliance mandated, company policy, insurance or other requirements, Environmental Management Solutions can provide records systems or provide other record management services.

Plan Development

Today's environmental regulatory schemes require many plans. Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC), Risk Management and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Programs (SP3) are just a few. Development of these plans and the associate training required are time consuming. Environmental Management Solutions can assist you in the development, training and implementation of your mandated plans.


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