Benefits Of Integrating Packing And Shipping Workstations

Today, the majority of industrial fulfillment centers are shifting from conventional, independent packing and shipping stations to a single, and integrated workstation. Even a few years back, industrial sectors focused on two workstations for order fulfillment- a packing station, and a shipping station, each of them dedicated to its tasks. With an ever-increasing need for a faster process, and increased productivity, businesses are combining the processes into an integrated packaging and shipping work station.

Eliminates preventable problems

On-time production and delivering of goods have never been more desirable. Hence, integrated workstation plays a key role in improving the whole business process and also eliminating any challenges. Integrated workstation solution amalgamates the process with the latest and the most advanced technology with the need for efficiency and improved business productivity.

Two key benefits

Packaging companies and manufacturers in different industrial sectors are gradually implementing uniform and integrated packing and shipping workstations. Additionally, the use of AI-backed robotic technologies is also utilized. When the tasks associated with assembling, packing, and shipping are automated, there are two major advantages:

  • Low-cost business operation
  • Faster return on investment

Better waste reduction management

When it comes to packing different kinds of items in industrial sectors, there is always a greater chance of incomplete actions and a higher number of human errors. This happens more so because there are two workstations, one meant for packing, and the other one for shipping. The dedicated staff in the workstation might commit errors while sending the packed items to the shipping station. Similarly, an employee at the shipping station can also be held responsible for an incomplete action.

Irrespective of the workstations making the errors, there is wastage of products and items. Faulty packed and shipped items are restricted from reaching the customers and getting rolled out in the market. This can generate losses for the overall business, thereby motivating the increasing incorporation of an integrated packaging/shipping work station. Reorganizing the workstation automation can reduce waste and also put the valuable resources of business to good use.

Reduces or eliminates injuries

Automated, integrated packing and shipping workstations have a good reputation for reducing or eliminating employee injury incidences. When workstations were not automated and were separate bases, employees had to repeat the same movements for packing and shipping products every day. Carpet tunnel syndrome emerged as one of the most common injuries among employees.

Over the time, when industrial companies started adopting integrated workstations, and also automating them as much as possible, injuries became limited. When injuries are reduced in a business, overall productivity gets improved, which is beneficial for the company in the long run.


By utilizing automated and integrated packing/shipping work station, human resources can be put to better functions. The repetitive tasks of packing and shipping are done way faster, thereby resulting in higher efficiency and speed with the business production line. With the presence of adaptable machines and smart technologies that can be programmed to execute the majority of packaging and shipping activities can considerably save time and money.

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