Requirements for 14 CFR Part 135 Air Carrier and Operator Certification

In the aviation industry, those who own aircraft are required to have a part 135 certificate. Certificate holders can operate extensively because they lack pre-limits. However, to become a part 135 operator, one must apply through a particular process and qualify. Again, one must get authorizations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) via OpSpecs for every operation they need to undertake. Below are the requirements for those who need to qualify for certification.

Company Ownership

The person applying for certification must be a citizen of the United States of America. However, if a few people have formed a partnership and need certification, all members must be citizens of the United States of America. If the company is a corporation or an association that uses regulations of any State or those of the United States of America, the president of the firm and more than two-thirds of the company must be American citizens. Also, the votes and firm management control must be from over 75% of the United States of America citizens.

Documents of Ownership

When applying for this certification, the applicant, either an individual, a partnership, or an association, must prove their principal base of operation. This is through identification documents of ownership, a lease agreement, or a comfort letter to show that they already have a location for their operations.


A part 135 operator or the applicant must have at least one aircraft they have been using and that meets the requirements for their operations. The use requirement requires that all applicants must be owners or have a lease agreement for six continuous months since they got their certification. The applicants can apply for the certificate using comfort letters meaning that they can purchase or lease an aircraft. However, the process is only successful if they have a proper aircraft. Finally, a written statement proves that the aircraft meets the certification requirements and is worth carrying out operations. However, the certificate holders must prove that their aircraft can carry out all the desired operations.

Maintenance Requirements for Part 135 Operations

There are various types of operations, including part 91 operations and part 135 operations. They differ depending on the aircraft’s seating configuration. Therefore, aircraft are inspected regularly to ensure that they have the right passenger and pilot seats. However, part 135 operations are more into passenger seat configuration and not the pilots. The operations of the aircraft and all its parts must meet the requirements of a part 135 certification. Again, aircraft owners must ensure to fill in the maintenance records for the aircraft. If there are gaps, the owners must begin the maintenance records afresh. Therefore, they must comply with the requirements to continue with their aircraft operations.

The above guide shows the requirement for a part 135 certification. It ensures that the operators have a suitable aircraft, fill in all the maintenance records and carry out the required operations. However, to become a part 135 operator, one must meet all the requirements.

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