Things to Know About Process of Barging Vehicles to Alaska

Shipping or barging vehicles to Alaska through ferry becomes one of the best solutions to deal with the shipping transportation. The trip from Washington to Alaska will not require you to drive and pass through Canada. It is good option since it saves time and somehow it will take fewer procedures until reaching the destination.

As for the Alaska as the shipping destination, it is still impossible to take the ferry to reach the Anchorage. The most possible method is to reach Whittier through the ferry and later take the other method of transportation. It is also possible to stop in Haines AK although it still requires driving around 675 miles. These are the available options, and it is still better to stop in Whittier since it takes shorter distance in driving.

Taking Ferry from Port of Bellingham in Washington

The starting point of ferry trip for shipping the vehicles to Alaska can start from Bellingham. During the trip, later there are going to be some stops. The first stop is in Ketchikan and it takes around 2 days of ferry trip. However, for the next stops, it does not take longer period since the distance is shorter between the next stops.

The next stops after Ketchikan are Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, Juneau, Haines, and Skagway. As what is mentioned above, Haines can become alternative to reach Anchorage although it takes longer distance. The destination is Whittier that will take shorter distance to reach Anchorage in Alaska.

Regarding the route, it is important to know that there is no longer ferry route from Bellingham to Victoria and San Juan Island. The routes had discontinued from some years ago. As for the trip to Haines Alaska, the total duration is three days. Since it is possible to ship vehicles, there are regulations regarding the length and height of vehicles. The maximum length is 70’ and the maximum height is 13’.

Cancelation and Amendment of Booking

During the process of booking, there can be situation when you have to cancel or amend your booking. It is possible to happen and that is why The Ferry Traveller provides processes and mechanisms for this option.

  • Process of Cancelling and Amending the Booking

Canceling or amending the booking should be done by using email. Later, it should be sent to In the email, some information should be included. The information that should be mentioned is about the booking reference, operator name in booking the ferry, and lead passenger name.

  • Possibility of obtaining the money back

For amendment, it is possible to make re-booking for other schedule. As for the cancelation, it is possible to get the money back. It will happen, and even you are able to get your money in full, especially when it is proven that the cancelation happens because of the problems in the process of booking due to internal issues.

However, it is important to know that financial responsibility regarding the hotel and other transportation will not be covered. These all are not part of the responsibility of The Ferry Traveller. It also includes the case when the trip is delayed because of the breakdown or even weather issues. That is why it is recommended to take travel insurance beforehand for the barging vehicles to Alaska.

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