Virtual Escape Room: Make The Most Out Of This Team Building Game!

Virtual escape room games are the perfect interactive team-building event for all kinds of occasions. Moreover, these games can be played online, so they’re accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Online Escape Room offer a unique experience with an immersive story and stunning visuals that will have you on edge until you solve the puzzles and unlock the door! This blog post will guide you through planning your online Virtual Escape Event for your team!

Tips for making the most out of Virtual Escape Room

When using these virtual games as team-building exercises, it’s recommended that each member of the team is given a task or challenge to complete together. This helps ensure that everyone feels included and contributes to what’s happening while also being supported by teammates during tough tasks.

  • Tasks should not be too difficult, or else people may give up before figuring them out (or if they know how close they were but couldn’t quite make it). To achieve this balance between difficulty level and time spent completing tasks, we recommend breaking down the escape room into three or four sections that can take anywhere from two to five minutes.
  • Ideally, these sections will come together in a puzzle at the end of the Virtual Escape Room game (but not always!). If there is no connection between parts of our Online Escape Room games, consider having each person solve some puzzles themselves before coming back and trying it out as a team.
  • You should also plan for the time after the Virtual Escape Rooms game has ended, so everyone feels like they get closure! This might include instructions on how to debrief with their teammates about what happened during the exercise.

With these tips, you can surely take your team-building game to the next level!

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