You Can Pay for Your Uber Ride via Amazon Payments Platform

Now, you can use the Amazon payments platform to make contactless payments for your rides. To enjoy safe and secure contactless payments, you just need to connect your Amazon Pay account to Uber. For this, you need to click on the “Payments” icon and choose Amazon Pay. To reveal more details concerning this new service and discover a reliable and cheap payment processor in the U.S., don’t leave this page.

Paying for Uber via Amazon Payments Platform

The Amazon app has recently announced that users can make Uber payments via its digital payments platform. This is a new, secure method for making contactless payments for Uber rides.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy a special offer: they can use a 50% cashback of up to Rs 120 for the 1st 3 rides on the Uber app. As for the registered users, they can make payments via the Paytm app. Customers’ activated postpaid account enables customers to use their funds after the ride is over. If needed, customers can repay later by paying their Paytm Postpaid bill, which is generated on a monthly basis.

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Using Amazon Pay for Uber

Uber is working on making all rides on its platform completely emission-free by 2040. This can be realised through vehicles with no emission at all and by integrating public transport and micromobility.

Be aware that Uber Technologies has recently partnered with SK Telecom. One of the arrangements is about collaboration, and the other one is a joint venture.

To sum up, now, you have a new digital option offered by Amazon Payment Platform developed for contactless transactions and with social distancing in mind. This new payment method is safe and secure both for customers and drivers.

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